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Crystal Koskinen of Rakkaus Art and Design

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RAKKAUS, Crystal Koskinen,  is a mixed media artist, educator and surface pattern designer. Her work is inspired by emotion, the environment, and the human experience.


Currently surrounded by nature, she has been enjoying the much needed change from downtown city life. 

RAKKAUS has exhibited her work in many galleries and juried exhibitions across the world. As an arts educator, Crystal is passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills with others.

She offers workshops and classes for all ages and skill levels in both visual and performing arts.

Browse the galleries to see some of her unique mixed media paintings and innovative surface designs now available for licensing.


Rakkaus Crystal Koskinen forest bathing

"As I dip my brush into the vibrant hues of the forest, each stroke whispers a story of connection – a conversation between art and these ancient trees that stand as a silent witness to time. 

As I paint, the forest breathes, and with each exhale, it infuses itself into my work. As I drink in its breath I become a vessel for the untold stories woven into nature's canvas.

In this cocoon of creativity, time does not exist, and the act of painting transforms into a meditation.


What a profound connection we share with the natural world.  I am so thankful".   RAKKAUS

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