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Black and white image of Crystal Koskinen Rakkaus Art and Design


Passionate About Inspiring Others

Crystal Koskinen, known as RAKKAUS, is a mixed media artist and surface pattern designer. She is passionate about inspiring others through her art and designs. Her unique style and creative vision have earned her recognition in the art world. This site showcases her paintings, digital art, and surface pattern designs which are available for art licensing. In addition to her artistic pursuits, RAKKAUS is also an arts educator.

Crystal Koskinen directing

If you are interested in learning more about RAKKAUS and her work, please visit her blog and social media pages. You can also contact her directly for commission inquiries and art licensing opportunities.

Upcoming Shows and Exhibitions

  • 'RAKKAUS,' is a multifaceted creative force, embodying the roles of a mixed media artist, dedicated educator, and accomplished surface pattern designer. With an unwavering passion for the arts, her work is a testament to the profound connection between nature, human emotions, and the rich tapestry of life's experiences.
  • Crystal's artistic journey spans over three decades, marked by a remarkable evolution in her craft. She has proudly exhibited her work in prestigious galleries and juried exhibitions, leaving an indelible mark on the global art scene. Her ability to capture the essence of emotions and nature's beauty through her artwork has earned her acclaim from art enthusiasts and critics alike.

  • As an ardent arts educator, RAKKAUS channels her expertise into nurturing the creative spirit in others. Her commitment to knowledge sharing is evident through the workshops and classes she offers, catering to individuals of all ages and skill levels. By guiding aspiring artists on their own creative paths, she continues to inspire and empower countless individuals to explore the transformative world of art.

  • We invite you to delve into her portfolio, a visual odyssey that encapsulates her distinctive style and visionary outlook on the world. Explore the depths of her artistic expressions, and immerse yourself in the stories her work has to tell.

Crystal Koskinen voice actress in the recording studio
Crystal Koskinen Rakkaus Art at train site
Crystal Koskinen voice actor in booth New York City
Crystal Koskinen associate set designer for Grease Toronto Elgin
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