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Out Of The Blue

Updated: Apr 5

RAKKAUS along with 41 other artists were selected for this showcase put on by Searchlight Art. Scheduled for November 21st and November 22nd the NFTs will be for sale on the platform JoynXYZ. 5% of all sales will be donated to the Rainforest Foundation from these two showcases.

Below is a still from 'Tracing Cobalt Whispers' by RAKKAUS, which is inspired by growing up with the magic of the Northern Lights.

Still image from Tracing Cobalt Whispers

Dive deep into the realm of the unexpected with the open-ended concept, "Out of the Blue." This theme beckons artists to explore the vastness of the unexpected, the sudden inspiration, and the mysteries of the blue, from azure oceans to the expansive sky.

Potential interpretations might include:

  • Surprise & Spontaneity: Capture moments or emotions that arrive without warning, like unanticipated joy, unforeseen challenges, or chance encounters.

  • Nature's Depths: Dive into the blue of our world: the mysteries of the deep sea, the vastness of the sky, or even the enigmatic blue hues that nature surprises us with in flowers, insects, and birds.

  • Emotions & Moods: Channel feelings associated with blue, from "feeling blue" and melancholic moments, to the calm and serenity often associated with softer shades of the hue.

  • Cultural and Historical Significance: Explore the significance of blue in various cultures and histories, such as its importance in art, its symbolic use in flags, or its meaning in different societies.

  • Abstract & Conceptual: Step away from the literal and approach the theme in abstract. What does the idea of something coming "out of the blue" look like in shapes, colors, or movements?

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