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Gallery 2

Select mixed media digital portraits from Rakkaus' collection. 

Mind's Eye - Mixed Media portrait by Crystal Koskinen RAKKAUS

mind's eye

This piece holds a lot of feelings. A quiet reminder to be gentle with yourself.

feeling the music

There is just something about music narrating our lives.

This digital piece was part of the first ever AR walk in New York City and can currently be found through the illustpace app still floating around the city.

Feeling The Music - Mixed Media Portrait by RAKKAUS Crystal Koskinen
Edition of 7 NFTs available on Known Origin
Enveloped - Mixed media portrait by RAKKAUS Crystal Koskinen


Sometimes it can be so hard to say what you feel - sometimes it can be so hard to find the words to comfort or support another or express our deepest selves. Nobody is rushing you, nobody expects you to be perfect, we put that on ourselves. You need to believe in yourself first.

come to the cabaret

Some of the best times on a show run happen backstage, behind the scenes, in the dressing room, during rehearsals - I have such fond memories of getting ready for shows - the energy is like no other. Being on stage feels like home, the characters, the costumes, the connections.

Come To The Cabaret - mixed media portrait by Rakkaus Art And Design inspired by her days in the theatre
Edition of 7 NFTs available on Known Origin
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