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Select mixed media digital portraits from Rakkaus' Collection.

Mixed Media Painting by Rakkaus Art Bus Stop Sally available on Known Origin

bus stop sally

This painting was inspired by the quote by George Bernard Shaw - "Two things define you: your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything" 

Edition of 7 NFTs available on Known Origin

sleeping angel with face paint

This piece was part of the Guerilla Gallery in NYC where an LED covered truck parked at several landmark locations for a street exhibition.

Mixed Media Digital Painting by Rakkaus Art and Design. Girl with colorful face paint. This piece was seen in New York at NFT NYC
Moon Face is a mixed media digital painting by Rakkaus Art and Design. The girl looks like her face is one with the moon.

Moon face

I just love the moon so much, I love that we can see it in all it's phases and that no matter where in the world we are...there it is...just like us. 

We all have shadows but we must work with them to uncover more of our light.

pink lady dreams 

Dreams are like a collage of thoughts coming together in a visual sequence.

mixed media painting by Rakkaus Art and Design. This is a collage with hints of pint showing abstract dream in a painted collage
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