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Gallery 4

Select paintings inspired by the the dream of becoming a ballerina.

Quick Sip by RAKKAUS Crystal Koskinen -A mixed media painting of a ballerina sipping on a coffee.

quick sip

Another painting from my collection dedicated to 5 year old me who wanted so desperately to be a ballerina

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Fingers crossed

This piece is a mixed media digital painting with free flow and expression. When I was younger I wanted so desperately to be a ballerina. I would borrow the same 10 books from the library over and over again just to admire the dancers and the outfits. I started to take ballet lessons at age 5, but shortly after was diagnosed with JRA. The doctors said I "couldn't" do it anymore. I was devastated. In this day and age, things would be different, but back then it was not common for a child to be diagnosed with an "old person's disease", and in so many instances people just didn't know what to do with me. I don't think ballet was my calling, but somehow the beauty of it finds its way into my work every now and then. My expression is that I create...that is my calling.

Fingers Crossed - by RAKKAUS Crystal Koskinen -A mixed media painting of a ballerina.
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Dancer Holding Her Tutu - by Rakkaus Crystal Koskinen -A mixed media painting of an abstract ballerina holding her tutu.

dancer holding
her tutu

As a child I dreamt of becoming a ballerina. The beauty, grace and magic. My health had other plans so I immerse myself in its wonder in other ways. 

Fallen bloom

Finding beauty in all things fallen.

Fallen Bloom - mixed media painting by RAKKAUS Crystal Koskinen
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